Robert A. Amezquita

9 minute read

I’ve been really enjoying reading David Robinson’s ‘Introduction to Empirical Bayes’ book. While I’ve taken multiple stats classes as a graduate student, it is refreshing to have a practical guide to applying Bayesian methods to the analysis of real world data, I especially am enjoying the book because compared to purely theoretical, formula heavy sorts of courses, David Robinson’s book presents first and foremost the intuition behind the madness, and steps through all the additional complications that can really imbue power behind these statistical methods.

Robert A. Amezquita

1 minute read

Puppies in Philly

Well, at least approximately, it was one year ago that my then-fiance Jen and I started doing dog sitting with Rover as an extracurricular activity. Why did we jump in? First and most importantly, because we absolutely love dogs! I’ve always dreamed of someday leading a pack of dogs. However, for many reasons, this isn’t really a good idea, and so I wanted to do the next best thing, and instead help take care of dogs when their parents travel.

Robert A. Amezquita

4 minute read

As I’ve gone further and further down the rabbit hole of computational biology, one thing that has remained with me is my emacs habit. When I first started graduate school and joined the Kleinstein lab, I was learning R and programming as most do in RStudio. However, my life changed when soon after, Stefan, my best mate, convinced me to give emacs a whirl for R programming. Since then, I’ve come to appreciate all the more my decision to program the emacs way.