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Puppies in Philly

Well, at least approximately, it was one year ago that my then-fiance Jen and I started doing dog sitting with Rover as an extracurricular activity.

Why did we jump in? First and most importantly, because we absolutely love dogs! I’ve always dreamed of someday leading a pack of dogs. However, for many reasons, this isn’t really a good idea, and so I wanted to do the next best thing, and instead help take care of dogs when their parents travel.

The experience has been a blessing, as Jen, myself, and our two pups, Chester and Maddie, have gotten to meet so many great dogs, each wonderful in their own unique way. We’ve learned so much about our dogs and dogs in general, that its been an invaluable experience, and for anyone with the dedication, it really is a deeply enriching experience.

One of the best parts about Rover is the photo updates - naturally, over the course of many sittings I’ve accumulated numerous awesome photos of all our visitors. I wanted to take a moment to share some of my personal favorites from our visitors, plus some extras from our own travels - enjoy!

Chester sit
Maddie sit
Murphy loves tennis balls

Jose in bed
Jose snowday
Chester snowday

How they sat still we will never know
Two best buds share the cube
Maddies favorite spot

Exploring the park
Our favorite pair
Stellas happy face

Lillys chair
Sansa the puppy
Yorkie number one

Puppy two
Yorkie number two
A dogs kind of day

Our biggest visitor to date
Baby ellie back home
Lukie pookies favorite spot

Ready for a surprise belly rub
Our family trip to Philly
The Maddie face

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